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Designed in close cooperation alongside a trailer engineer with years of past experience with Sundowner, Silver Star and Shadow manufacturing companies, it is not a modified cargo, toy or car hauler, but a purpose-built unit meant to serve as an equine mobile clinic from the start.

Powered by a 7.5 KW generator, the clinic is self powered to ensure functionality in all working environments. Two AC and heater units mean that patients and humans both will be comfortable no matter what the weather does on any given day.

It is equipped with 2 sets of stocks –one overlying a scale – during parts of the year 2 dental procedures can be carried out simultaneously if it is safe to do so. Two ramps allow for safe loading and unloading.

The clinic is equipped with computed radiography, a type of digital radiography that uses flexible plates that are more comfortable for the horse during oral imaging.

We are thrilled to have the clinic as our “base” of operations.

Equine Mobile Clinic