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Soraya V. Juarbe-Diaz

(aka Dr JD) wanted to be a veterinarian as far back as she can remember. After graduating from Cornell University, she started her professional career in  mixed practice in New York State before switching to small animal for life and fiscal reasons. Always asking questions, she keeps adding to her knowledge base out of sheer curiosity and the desire to do the absolute best she can for her patients. This has led her to specialty training and board certification (veterinary behavioural medicine) and post-doctorate studies in canine cognitive testing (Dept. of Psychiatry, Penn Med). She was faculty at the veterinary medicine schools in Florida (adjunct) and Tennessee (associate), but found life in the Ivory Towers a bit too political for her taste, though she loves teaching and students. She is published in both the small animal (dog & cat) and horse literature; the most recent in the latter being author of behaviour chapters in the Five-Minute Veterinary Consult - Equine edition.

While horses were not in the world she grew up in, they filled her imagination. It wasn’t until college that she was able to actually get hands on experience. She has been making up for lost time since and has dabbled in a variety of horse disciplines, though eventing and Thoroughbreds Off the Track are closest to her heart. She nonetheless has a bucket list of horse activities still to be ticked off her list, including riding (i.e. - being a passenger) on a seasoned cutting horse and trekking through Ireland on horseback.