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Who We Are

Dr. Soraya Juarbe-Diaz (aka Dr JD) is a lifelong horse enthusiast. As with many kids, she always wanted a horse for Christmas; unlike most, she never outgrew her wishful thinking. She was able to finally pursue her love of horses when she went to college and she hasn’t stopped since. Her professional experience is so varied it would fill the whole page (go here if your inquiring mind wants to know...). On her time off you may come across her competing locally with her Off The Track Thoroughbred in eventing, at a hunter pace, or volunteering as show staff at the Florida Horse Park or other local venues. You may also find her entertaining her new hobby, autocrossing, throughout the state.

She is returning to horses in her professional life to fulfil a promise she made to herself many years ago.

Kelsey Lee Grose


Additionally, you may meet...